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Fanka FellasFanka Fellas

Fanka Fellas spells a sound that is eclectic, drawing influence from the individual tastes of its musicians. Handpicked by Kelvin Kew during their formative years, these are the guys who are responsible for a lot of feet-tapping and head-bobbing. And as the relationship between them grows from strength to strength, so does the magic that emanates from their drums.

Needless to say, as the premier djembe band in Asia, the djembe has to be the central figure as far as the music is concerned. But it is exactly how the djembe is fused and blended with other modern sounds and genres of today that keeps people coming back for more. In short, it is not just about listening to the music. It is about experiencing the sound.

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The one who started it all in 1997
The ever hard-beating four on four groove keeper since the pioneer group in 1997
The funky percussionist from the west who joined in 1999
The 1st ever female hand drum player in Singapore who grooved into the group in 2002
The solid rooted groovy guy pounded in in 2005
The eccentric djembe crazie who formed up in 2013